Albrecht - Hubtische, Lastenaufzüge und Liftsysteme

"Albrecht lifting systems - always an idea better!"

Product features
Extremely powerful even in smallest areas

Our stroke systems vary from extremely flat but still high lifting double scissors lifting tables to tandem-designed powerpacks with 50 tons of capacity.

A computer-optimized laying-up of the scissors gap dimensions, the hydraulic linkage and modern manufacturing methods allow for a favorable price-performance ratio.

Our elevator and lift systems are characterized by a low noise hydraulic power (220/380V).Special solutions as fast stroke in a multi-shift cyclic operation using proportional control (steamed outlet) are possible.

We guarantee highest safety standards

Our products are supported with safety equipment according to safety norms UVV / EN 1570.These include:

  • Foot guard contact strip
  • Pipe anti-burst device
  • Overload protection
  • Watch dog switch
  • if necessary bridge plate, guard rails, unwind stands etc
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